1. Create your Intention. Be clear about your desire. Specific wording will direct the stone’s energy  towards your intention. Vague wording confuses the energy of the stone.

 2. Find a quiet place, sit and relax. Take 5 deep breaths through your heart and think of something  that makes you feel love or deep gratitude. 

 3. Hold the stone, or jewelry, in your hand and allow the love energy between your heart and the  stone flow; you may feel it’s energy in your hand. If you’ve never done anything like this before,  trust your intuition and continue to next step when you feel moved to do so. (In other words... JUST  GO WITH IT! Lol!)

 4. State your request/intention OUT LOUD and REPEAT it 3 times to anchor the charge.

 5. Wear your LOVE ROCK daily. Act is though your desired result has already manifested. 

 Upon completion, your own vibrational frequency and intent will be programmed into the stone. That  intent will be part of the stones vibrational structure.